Petition analysis,

Review every issue on every line of every petition sheet, every time.

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Perfect petition analysis

A Turnkey Solution

Signafide provides all the technology and labor for petition validation projects.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection
  • Unmatched Accuracy

    Before finalizing your report, we confirm each defect up to three times—making a Signafide report the most accurate in the industry.

  • Fraud Detection

    We run nine separate fraud checks on each signature. If someone is cheating, we’ll help you find it.

Reviews & Quality Checks

Signafide processes digital images of ballot access petitions, and runs a comprehensive battery of reviews to index every defective signature on a petition.

Analytics & Reporting

Clients get real time, best-in-class analytics and reporting, with unmatched speed, accuracy, and savings.

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The Best Ballot Access Controls

Traditional ReviewSignafide Review
Fastest Speed
Lowest Error Rate
Most Comprehensive
Best Fraud Detection
Most Scalable
Real-time Analytics
Best Trial Presentation
Expert Testimony
Most Cost Effective

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